The Legend of ‘Champ’: Eyewitness Accounts


Champ——the prehistoric god of the lake— didn’t bestow Lucas, Alex, Mario and I with any good luck on our ice fishing trip trip last February. We left without fish or new lake monster sightings to add to the record. Perhaps in the age of smartphone cameras, she’s been laying low. In the late eighties/early ’90s though…

“I started as a disbeliever, went right on past being a believer, to being a knower.” Walter Tappan, on Champ Eyewitness Sighting #235 July 5, 1988

“A lot of people believe that there is one wretched creature that’s been in the lake for millenia but that’s really absurd. There would have to be a breeding colony.” Richard Deuel, Champ Scientist


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