Moons Over My Hammy Recipe & Wacko

Moons Over My Hammy Recipe These kids from Wacko drew my attention to the fact that Denny’s and hardcore shows have always had a relationship although not quite so direct. It’s one of the few late night places underage kids can after a show. We used to hit the one on Western Ave in AlbanyContinue reading “Moons Over My Hammy Recipe & Wacko”

Special Report: Hardcore Punk Shows Are Happening at Denny’s

Click here for music pairing and recipe There is a dark horse in the race for best thing to happen in 2019. The kids from Wacko, a  Long Beach, CA hardcore band, booked a Denny’s recently and fully tore shit up. The event had all of the weird occurrences that make hardcore punk shows brilliant,Continue reading “Special Report: Hardcore Punk Shows Are Happening at Denny’s”

Patacones & Hogao Sauce: The Recipe

Click here for the backstory and music pairing. Pataconas with Hogao Recipe: (Hogao is a common ‘salsa criollo’ used for many things including dipping patacoas): Patacon Ingredients: Very Green Plaintains, peeled and cut into one inch chunks Canola or Vegetable Oil, enough to cover plantain chunks Hogao Ingredients: 2 tbsp oil 1 cup chopped green onion 2 cupsContinue reading “Patacones & Hogao Sauce: The Recipe”

Pataconas w/ Hogao & Gaby’s ‘El Meneaito’

Click here to skip to the recipe. Menaito Mania hit Colombia hard in 1992. By the time my family arrived for Christmas vacation that year the Reggae en Español thumper had the whole Magdalena River percolating. In Honda, Tolima at my Abuelita’s nochebuena party, young and old were sliding to it, at a friends haciendaContinue reading “Pataconas w/ Hogao & Gaby’s ‘El Meneaito’”