Special Report: Hardcore Punk Shows Are Happening at Denny’s

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There is a dark horse in the race for best thing to happen in 2019. The kids from Wacko, a  Long Beach, CA hardcore band, booked a Denny’s recently and fully tore shit up. The event had all of the weird occurrences that make hardcore punk shows brilliant, beginning with the old man in the cowboy hat, “I came for the senior citizen special, (inaudible) is going on around here, they tell me that the special tonight is Wacko. Lets (inabudible) up baby!” peaking with the beautiful expression of punk rock joy at 8:22 (see for yourself below) and ending with, “after party at the generator under a bridge three miles that way.”

The whole thing possibly came to fruition as a satire of a hilarious event earlier this year, during which a hardcore singer from the more ‘tough-guy’ end of the punk spectrum blew his tough guy cover by emoting in his incongruent hardcore growl , “what the fuck is up Denny’s” at yet another Denny’s show.


All of this really touches my heart. Reminds of of my own youth attending punk shows in Albany, NY and heading to the Denny’s near the Crossgates Mall after for a Moons Over My Hammy. I think we ran out on the bill more than a few times but the nice teens who booked Wacko show us that punk nowadays has all the sass with a little more class. They were able to fundraise and pay Denny’s in full for the inevitable damages. Looks like the kids are alright.





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