Guide to Latin Restaurants in Newburgh During the COVID-19 Crisis (and Beyond)

3279045361_ac0f7c6ef2_bNOW OPEN:

Zulimar, Honduran Cuisine,286 Washington Street, 845-569-4742, During COVID hours are in flux so call ahead. Usually hours are: Tues-Thu 6am-7pm, Fri-6am-10pm, Sat 7:30am-10pm, Sun 8:30am-9pm

Tacos Uriel, 49 Mill Street, Newburgh, NY, (845-542-8112),Open for take out and delivery. during COVID hours are 10-10, normally hours are: 6am-10pm daily.

Los Portales, 295, Broadway, Newburgh, 845-565-6666, COVID hours: 11-8. Normally hours are: 11am-9pm Tues-Fri, 7:30am-10pm Sat-Sun, closed Monday.
Alejandras Deli, 390 Broadway,391-8429, normally 8am-10pm Thu-Tues.

Don Fernando, 362 Broadway, Order online here. Delivery and take out available (Disponibles para entrega y para llevar)845-565-2912, Weds to Sun (Mie-Dom) 12-7pm.

From the owners: As part of our legacy, Don Fernando will continue to strive to provide the most delicious home made food. We hope to see everyone again once we all as a community are in a great place. Stay safe.-Don Fernando Family

“Continuando con nuestro legado, Don Fernando Restaurant esta comprometido en producir consistentemente nuestras delicias caseras. Esperamos que todo se mejore pronto en nuestra comunidad para poder verlos. La Familia de Don Fernando.”

Cafe Colombia, 350 Broadway, 845- 245-4716, awaiting hours

From the owners: “we’re new on the block, just opened February 21st, but we’re trying to survive these difficult times.”

Azteca, 215 Washington Street, 845-784-4542, Take out available every day. (Disponibles para  para llevar todos los dias) 10am-10pm  From the owner: En estos duros tiempos hay que estar más juntos que antes. Como todo va a pasar con tiempo y su cooperación pero aqui en Tacos Azteca los esperamos.”

“In these hard times it’s more important than ever that we stick together. Like everything, this will pass with time and your support. We’re here for you at Tacos Azteca.”

Danny’s, 691 Broadway, 562-0003, open for pick up only (solo para llevar) 11-8 From the owners:

“Todavia estamos disponibles a todo lo que necesite para comida Domicana!” “We’re still here for all of your Dominican food needs!”

Juarez Restaurant, 124 Broadway Newburgh, 569-9263. Delivery and Take Out 930 am -8pm (para entrega y para llevar).
From the owners: “We thank all of our customers and the Newburgh Community for all of your Support.”
“Muchas gracias a nuestros clientes y la comunidad de Newburgh para su apoyo.”
Toquillas, 466 Broadway, 245-3803 or 347.780.3922 (whatsapp) Pick up and delivery (entrega y para llevar) 11pm -8pm.
From the owners: Gracias a todos por su continuo apoyo. Vamos a superar todo juntos!” 
“Thank you everyone for your continued support. We’re going to get through this together!”
La Amistad Bakery, 74 Mill Street, 845-569-7116, available for pick up (disponibles para llevar). 7am-1pm.
From the owner: It’s important at this time that we reach out to eachother if we need something, help your neighbor, stick together. We are here for you.”
“En este momente tienen que hablar, pedirse ayuda, ayudar a su propio vecino. Estamos aqui para servirles.”
Andrea C’s, 2 Mill Street, (845) 391-8383, available for pickup and delivery (disponible para entrega y para llevar), hours are changing.
Machu Picchu, 301 Broadway,  (845) 562-6478, open for pick up or delivery, (disponible para entrega y para llevar) 11-9 cerrado Martes, closed Tuesday.
El Patio, 190 Lake Street, take out and delivery, (845) 562-0101, open for takeout and delivery (disponsibles para entrega y para llevar) 7am-6pm daily.
From the owners: “Gracias a dios tenemos salud y estamos agradecidos a todos nuestros clientes para apoyarnos.”
“Thank god we still have our health and thanks to all of our clients for supporting us.”
El Salvadoreño, 346 Broadway, 565-6822
Supuestamente estan abiertos para entrega y para llevar pero yo no he podido conectar con ellos.
I have heard they are open for take out and delivery but I haven’t been able to connect with them.
Normally hours are 10am-10pm M-F, 8am-10pm weekends.
Villa Inca Peru, 167 Broadway, 784-4975, pick up only, (solo para llevar), 11-6 daily
Noria, 238 Broadway, 563-0748, take out only, hours are in flux (para llevar solo, horas cambiando).
El Gallo Dorado, 53 Mill Street, 863-0006 supuestamente estan abiertos para entrega y para llevar pero yo no he podido conectar con ellos. I have heard they are open for take out and delivery but I haven’t been able to connect with them.
Los Amigos, 569-0110, 640 Broadway, normally 10am-9pm daily. Open for delivery and take out. (Disponibles para entrega y para llevar).
Acatlan (Deli, not the restaurant on Lake Street) , 320 First Street, 845-565-2112, open for take out (disponible para llevar) 9am-10pm daily.


CLOSED (for now…)

Mi Florecita Mexicana, 372 Broadway, 784-4020, normally 7am-9pm Tues-Fri, 8AM-7PM Sunday

Message from the Owner: Mi florecita Mexicana les agrádese su preferencia . Debido ala terrible situación que el mundo está pasando nos vemos obligados a seguir cerrándos para ayudar a evitar la propagación del COVID-19. Esperamos pronto reabrir nuestras puertas ala comunidad y seguir brindando nuestro mejor servicio, por lo pronto mantengámonos a salvo en casa con nuestra familia.

“Mi Florecita Mexican appreciates your patronage. Because of the terrible situation the world is facing we feel obligated to close to help avoid the propagation of COVID-19. We hope to open to the community soon and continue delivering great service. In the meantime we will be maintaining at home with our families.”

Acatlan, 34 1/2 Lake Street, 784-4942, normally 10am-10pmWeds-Mon (Deli on 320 1st Street is open).


Don Hugo’s, (845) 416-7569, normal hours 11:30-8:30 Tues-Sun
Jalapeños, 287 Broadway, 845-565-6734, normal hours: 12:30-5:45 pm Sun-Fri, 11-11 Sat.
Nelly, 60 N Plank Road, Newburgh, NY, 845-570-5175, normal hours 8am-10pm daily.
Sal Y Pimienta,640 Broadway, 522-8075, normally 9am-7pm daily.
Antojitos Mexicanos, 779 Broadway, 245-4524, normally M-F 8am-11pm, Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 8am-11pm.
El Vaquero,207 Broadway, 565-0550, normally 9am-9pm M,T, TH, FR, 7am-10pmSat, 7am-9pm Sun.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. John Perez says:

    Hello if you do another posting on Newburgh restaurants … please include us Cafe Colombia at 350 Broadway Newburgh NY.
    We opened February 21st…. we are new on the block but trying to survive these difficult times.


    1. diago82 says:

      John, how could I forget! My own family is Colombian. I noticed the place a while back but it was still closed at the the time. I will update it with your info now! Also, I’ll be coming by for some Colombian food for sure.


    2. diago82 says:

      also what are your hours during the crisis? are you doing delivery or just take out?


  2. Aimee Iglesias says:

    Hi Acatlan restaurant on Lake street is closed However there is ACATLAN DELI where you can find authentic Mexican foods. Best tortas out there and more. Quesadillas hechas a mano, caldos, breakfast sandwiches and more. It’s also a convenient grocery store. Located at 320 1st street in newburgh.


    1. diago82 says:

      thanks Aimee, could you please tell me hours and phone number. I’ll get it updated on the list.


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