Chicago Style Hot Dogs & Hammond Organ Jazz

Good Hammond organ jazz oozes at mid tempo, like mustard out of a bottle. You can hear the instrument’s memory filling the room; the weeds growing through the sidewalk cracks of the industrial wasteland where it was born; the soundtrack it provided for games of kick the can played under a rattling L train; theContinue reading “Chicago Style Hot Dogs & Hammond Organ Jazz”

‘Aunt June’s Candied Yams’ Recipe & Little Richard

The music Little Richard Penniman made in the mid-fifties was a crazed jittering sugar rush—sweet candied yams with marshmallow eyeballs popping. Tutti Frutti, Lucille, and Rip it Up turned the heads of every would be flamboyant front man or woman to follow: James Brown, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Elton John; they all looked up atContinue reading “‘Aunt June’s Candied Yams’ Recipe & Little Richard”