Photo by Zoraida Lopez Diago

The Musical Ingredient began as a place to share my explorations of music and food pairings. Long before the blog began, I would dream up meals along with the musical setting on my drive home from work, and try to create the scene each night. When I’d get the formula wrong it would be frustrating, but when I’d get it right the joy would flow from my pores. I wanted to be able to share that with others. 

It didn’t take me long to find trends in the pairings that made me the happiest. Each good pairing created a window into a nostalgic fragment of my past.

 I grew up moving and traveling around internationally because of my fathers’ job. Briefly tasting the cuisines of places like Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Belgium left me with an enduring longing for them.

The blog exists as a single frame that is drawn around those varied experiences; the food and music are a direct medium to help me relive those cultural and personal memories. 

I hope that by walking you through a story and allowing you to taste and hear the time and place you can go there with me. I’d like for us all to go places with you too. I invite anyone to share their memories with me along with your own food and music selections and I will publish what I can on the Musical Ingredient. 

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  1. Great blog! Some people see color when they hear music. It seems you hear music when you think about food. My husband writes music when he listens to structures. Check out “Bridge Music” and “Tower Music”.


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