Chicago Style Hot Dogs & Hammond Organ Jazz

Good Hammond organ jazz oozes at mid tempo, like mustard out of a bottle. You can hear the instrument’s memory filling the room; the weeds growing through the sidewalk cracks of the industrial wasteland where it was born; the soundtrack it provided for games of kick the can played under a rattling L train; theContinue reading “Chicago Style Hot Dogs & Hammond Organ Jazz”

Special Report: Hardcore Punk Shows Are Happening at Denny’s

There is a dark horse in the race for best thing to happen in 2019. The kids from Wacko, a  Long Beach, CA hardcore band, booked a Denny’s recently and fully tore shit up. The event had all of the weird occurrences that make hardcore punk shows brilliant, beginning with the old man in theContinue reading “Special Report: Hardcore Punk Shows Are Happening at Denny’s”

Iowa Cheese Sandwich Recipe & Bob Dylan’s New Morning

July 19, 2019 It’s my last day at the Iowa City Writing Festival. I’m inflamed—brain and gut—from seven days of suckling on Iowa City’s greasiest spoons and absorbing writing guidance till saturation. I arrived last Friday, July twelfth, and spent the evening searching for authentic Iowa City. There are nine central blocks with eighty-two placesContinue reading “Iowa Cheese Sandwich Recipe & Bob Dylan’s New Morning”